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Hariram Bhawanji Co


In business since 1942, Hariram Bhawanji Co. was first started as a partnership between Late. Mr. Hariram Liladhar Popat and Late Mr. Bhawanji Bhai Ladha. Today, it is one of the most prestigious tarpaulin manufacturers in the country. Consistently meeting and occasionally surpassing customer expectations, Hariram Bhawanji has time and again proved its long held repute in the industry. The second generation corporate leaders Mr. Mahendra Popat and Mr. Harshad Popat are taking the company to new grounds, while pursuing the vision of the founders. Hariram Bhawanji Co. provides a mix of products that range from single to multi- purpose use. The products are a good blend of water-resistant, sturdy, and high-quality packaging and bio-degradable jute products. Besides these, it is the services that the company provides with its products that have led Hariram Bhawanji Co. to acquire a niche in the industry.


Cotton Canvas
Cotton Canvas INR 0 INR 0 Cotton Canvas are available in Treated as well as non treated form and water proof cloth (12oz-20oz) and in a range of selectable sizes. The main application for using the Cotton Canvas is using it as the shades in NON-MONSOON and MONSOON environment. The treated version of Cotton Canvas is water proof. Cotton canvas tarpaulins comprise of brass/aluminum eyelets, strengthening patches, attractive hems and ropes. The size can be specified at the time of placing the order True 1520616273
HDPE (Polythene) Tarpaulins
HDPE (Polythene) Tarpaulins INR 0 INR 0 DPE packaging is both durable as well as economical. It is light weight which makes it an attractive candidate in industrial and commercial applications. HDPE Tarpaulins are water proof and are widely used during Monsoon. We manufacture HDPE tarps in 100-250 gsm qualities. These fabrics are available in roll form in laminated and non-laminated varieties. The appropriate variety can be chosen at the time of placing the order. True 1520616376
PVC Coated Fabrics
PVC Coated Fabrics INR 0 INR 0 otton Fabrics, coated with PVC, are the most popular form of tarpaulins in the market today. They are water, chemical and heat resistant. They recover fairly quickly from folds and stretch. They are also shock resistant and therefore suitable in many industrial applications. PVC coated tarpaulins comprise of brass/aluminum eyelets, strengthening patches, attractive hems and ropes. The size can be specified at the time of placing the order. True 1520616417
Custom Made Tarpaulins
Custom Made Tarpaulins INR 0 INR 0 Depending on whether the tarpaulin is for industrial use, vehicular use, common household use or packaging use, the consumer can custom design the tarpaulin product. Our customers have a choice between fabrics, sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on individual need and specification, tarpaulins can be made cost effective through smart choice of cheaper fabrics without compromising on a quality by a great deal. Tarpaulins are wax or chemical coated and the overall cost and performance is affected by the coating used. We provide complete consultation for our clients to make the right choice of fabric suitable for their purpose of use. True 1520616547
Water Bag
Water Bag INR 0 INR 0 Water bags are made of 20oz Cotton Canvas cloth. The fabric is made of Cotton Canvas cloth to provide optimum water resistance. Water Bags work on similar principles as the Mud Pot Container. The water stored in Water Bags stays cool for 24 hours even in extreme temperatures. It is ideal for hot climates, desert expeditions and other outdoor events in high temperature conditions. These bags are available in different designs, sizes and forms. Backpacks can be custom designed as per the above specifications and fabric of their choice. They are durable and supplied in bulk within two weeks time True 1520616593
Jute INR 0 INR 0 ute is another fabric that we manufacture on bulk orders. It serves for the purpose of manufacturing sacks. The good aspect about this fabric is that it is eco-friendly which makes it easily recyclable. These sacks can be used for a variety of purposes but their most important purpose is storage. Woven sacks are primarily used in shops and warehouses to store perishable/non-perishable items that must be protected for a prolonged duration of time. We also fulfill bulk orders of woven sacks. True 1520616634
Tent INR 0 INR 0 We provide tents in all sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics for different occasions ranging from weddings to emergencies. Every tent is available in attractive packaging which can be custom picked as per customer preferences. Go through the individual tent specifications and make the pick wisely! True 1520616686
Single Fly General Service Tent
Single Fly General Service Tent INR 0 INR 0 A single fly tent has two curtains on the front that can be lifted separately open up into a spacious room. These curtains can be interlocked. The tent is supported by a single ridge pole in the centre. These tents can fit at least four people at once. Windows are provided on the based on individual customer specifications and requirements True 1520616757
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